House buyer who closed April 15, 2015 – San Jose CA 95132

Erick has been the torchbearer of our whole process of getting a home. I found him online, didn’t have any references. He is extremely punctual, has a great deal of knowledge about the bay area properties and market which can only come with lot of experience. He met us and understood what we were looking for, and whenever we visited properties, he would take deep interest in our likings and give valuable suggestions. His estimates for extra work on the houses were always accurate. He has a very good knowledge of offer ranges as well. For every property he knew exactly what would be the range of the winning offer.

He never missed a call, never a minute late for any open house/ house tour. He went on a vacation in the middle of our house hunt process, yet he made sure he was in touch and sent someone to cover for him during that week. Our escrow was 21 days, and it wouldn’t have been possible without all his help.

I would highly recommend Erick for first time home buyers as he addresses all the concerns and questions patiently and tries to make you feel very comfortable about the purchase. Also, he is not at all pushy and lets you be confident about your range and only then does his job. He is also very prompt with all the paper work and puts a great personalized offer, which I think makes a difference.

I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family and would love to work with him in future! We got a house within 3 months of hunting!

— Roma